321Blink SWOT Analysis

Your All Purpose Ad Agency

321Blink serves as a full-service marketing and video production agency conveniently located in the borough of Aspinwall, PA just north of the city of Pittsburgh.Their main offerings are video production, digital media, web design, graphic design, branding, media buying, and search engine marketing. With so much competition in the area, 321Blink strives to separate themselves from the rest by portraying their client’s message through the most influential and creative way possible without sacrificing the integrity of the company.


321Blink knows that to produce great product they need to care about their employees well being. They allow dogs at work and provide a relaxing work environment in what is one of the most stressful job fields out there. This makes it easier to meet deadlines for their products. They keep themselves relevant to their competition and clients by using the latest technology, including two Blackmagic cameras and adjustable LED lights which can match any lighting situation. This enables them to keep a demand for their services from clients who want the best product possible. If they don’t have a specific type of equipment, then they contact local renting agencies and secure it before the shoot. 321Blink uses the the industry standard Adobe Suite for post production and graphic design work on large Imacs all located in the same room for ease of communication. 321Blink’s website is interactive and easy to navigate. This helps potential clients feel like they know the 321Blink team and can connect with them on a personal level. 321Blink employs subject matter experts who are friendly and creative people who think outside the box to ensure positive customer relations.


Since they have limited people and it is a small company, the number of hours employees are allowed to work are strictly enforced. They cannot go into overtime.  This might cause rushed work or restricted workflow. Also with limited manpower might come the overburdening of tasks delegated to one person leading to exhaustion, increased stress, or a longer workday. Another problem that comes from being a small company is the ability to only take on limited clients; therefore losing potential clients in the long run.



Pittsburgh is booming with small businesses that thrive on creativity in a city that now leads the way with technology and food. Everyone wants there name out there to prove they are the best at what they do. 321Blink has ample opportunity to spread its wings in multiple job fields and help businesses create a brand and market themselves in social media, website, commercials, radio ads, etc.



Being a tech and art savvy city, Pittsburgh has a high supply and demand rate for advertising agencies and guess what, there are plenty of advertising competitors in the area. 321Blink is a smaller advertising company, so they have to compete with larger, more established companies; however, Giant Eagle seems to be a loyal client of 321Blink and that seems to be how they generate most of their revenue. 321Blink just renovated and expanded their offices to compete with fellow agencies and to appeal moreso to the public with a strong brand equity.