84 Lumber: Runners Up, Apply

Ever since I was a little kid, I thought that my grandpa was a superhero. I soon became very interested with his profession of selling wood for 84 Lumber. Being in college and trying for my marketing degree, concentrating in sales, I found 84 Lumber’s newest commercial since the Super Bowl to be an interesting topic to review.

The commercial starts out by showing you an astronaut clipping his or herself to the side of the spaceship. A man then starts talking in the background with an empowering voice. In thirty second clip, he says, “NASA requested applications for space travel candidates. It takes ambition, a can-do attitude, and a lot of moxy to be chosen for one of the most coveted positions in the universe. Runners up? We invite you to apply for our management trainee program at 84Lumber.com.” Towards the end of his statement, the clip slides down from outer space and focuses in on a man walking into an 84 Lumber store.

I thought that this commercial was very interesting in that it uses an abstract way to draw in the viewer. Most people would not think that at the very beginning of the ad, the commercial was going to be for 84 Lumber. Recently, the company had been spotlighted for their controversial Super Bowl ad so this is a slight change up.

I think the message of the ad is to point out that the people who work for 84 Lumber are very intelligent. Many people may not immediately think that 84 Lumber is a quality company to work at. In making this commercial, the company wants the viewers to know that if you cannot work for NASA, which many people can’t, then 84 Lumber accepts very intelligent people as well.

The AIDA Model, which is considered the traditional response model, is useful when thinking about what the objective of the commercial was. 84 Lumber wanted to create, or in some cases renew, awareness about their brand. They want people to know that they’re not just about selling wood. In the commercial, they are asking for people to apply to the management sector of their business. I also think that the purpose of using the astronaut was to inspire younger people to think about their future. Many young kids grow up wanting to be an astronaut and so few ever get that honor. With this visual, I think that 84 Lumber was trying to catch the attention of aspiring young adults and children. Creating interest in the company will eventually lead to the desire to work for such a successful company that not many people usually think about. The overall action they want people to take after seeing this ad is for them to apply to become part of their company.

In this commercial, I think 84 Lumber utilized the communication process very well. They sent their message, which was for people to gain interest and look into their company. They encoded it by drawing your attention in with the astronaut, which most people associate with being cool and a desired profession as a young kid. They channeled the message through the use of a TV commercial. All that is left is for the receiver of the message, the viewers of the commercial, to decode it and apply to 84 Lumber.