Analysis of Cardi B’s Magazine Campaign

Marketing and promotions is the largest single investment for a record company standing at somewhere between $200,000 and $700,000. Most of the promotion is focused on streaming services such as, Pandora, Souncloud, and Spotify. This is because marketers need to focus their efforts on very specific target audience groups in order to yield the profits they do. This need is reflected in the decline in usage and investments in TV and radio ads, wherein it is much more difficult to focus efforts on a specific audience. Another aspect of marketing and promotion that has been experiencing a decline over the years are newspaper and magazines, but for a different reason. These platforms are declining because users are losing interest due to everything  being converted to digital marketing which is more accessible. Despite this decline there are still some musically related magazines that have loyal customers who care enough to read their products monthly. One of the largest of these is Rolling Stone magazine, and even they are looking to sell the magazine because of this decrease in usage and this digital conversion.

Despite the decreasing market, Rolling Stone never fails to an influential and meaningful part of the music industry as advertisers still feel the need to place artists in their articles. They continue releasing superb work. The most recent of these is an article they included on the new breakout, female rapper, Cardi B. The content of this article is not what makes it unique, but rather it is the tone that is used by the writer and the way in which the writer portrays Cardi B. Anyone who knows Cardi B, knows that she is extremely outspoken and very blunt and vulgar, often using inappropriate language. The writer of this article matched the tone of the artist and used many of those blunt characteristics Cardi B often displays. The writer does this even outside of using Cardi B’s quotes and goes to reinforce Cardi B’s public image by using vivid descriptions in order to give the reader a clear picture of the setting. The overarching theme the writer focuses on is the artist originating from a poor back ground and having to pursue the life of a stripper in order to put herself through college. Then, as she stayed true to herself, she found success from reality TV to one of the largest names currently in Hip-Hop.

The writer promoted Cardi B by making use of the same tactics she utilized to become famous. In Cardi B’s case, it is simply her personality, but in the writers case it is being used as more of a methodology in order to catch the eye of readers and possibly increasing article reads. In promoting her music, the writer uses the success story of the artist for readers to identify with and in order to create feeling of happiness and give the reason a reader to support. It is articles like these that displays the effectiveness of magazines, and keeps them somewhat relevant today.