The Analysis of a Publix Magazine Advertisement

For my analysis of a newspaper or magazine advertisement in my field, I chose a magazine advertisement for the grocery company Publix, a south based company. This advertisement shows the visual elements of ripe blueberries along with freshly baked blueberry muffins. There is also a small description, also known as the body copy, of why Publix food and groceries are so fresh. They explain that they are focused on staying with their roots, which includes buying produce that has been raised locally and in the south. This advertisement uses an indirect headline, or a headline that is not very straightforward or very informative to the viewer. The headline reads, “True blue local flavor,” which doesn’t tell the reader much, but it draws them in due to the combination of the imagery and the interest of the words themselves.

While the advertisement itself is quite beautiful and appealing to the eye, Publix uses more than one method to convey their message. The most obvious method is that they are using a straight sell approach for this advertisement. The fact that they are buying a regional product is simply factual and a straight-forward benefit of shopping at Publix. This advertisement could also be seen as a demonstration of the freshness of Publix produce. The largest thing on the advertisement are beautifully baked blueberry muffins. This is essentially showing the customer what they could create if they shopped at Publix. While the advertisement does have a small blurb about Publix within it, much of the ad is focused on the imagery that takes up nearly all of the page. The ripe blueberries at the top of the page, and the muffins at the bottom, entice the customer in. They see these products and they want them for themselves, which then prompts them to read the description of the advertisement on the middle of the page. The combination of each of these methods working together creates the most appealing and noticeable ad for Publix.

The nice thing about choosing a magazine to advertise in is that you can choose exactly what kind of magazine that you want to be featured in. You can be selective. This advertisement for Publix would likely be present in a consumer magazine, or a magazine that is provided to the general public for information or entertainment. This kind of ad for a grocery company would likely be in a cooking or possibly home magazine, primarily to target primarily those who cook or bake due to the imagery, but also really for anyone who would go grocery shopping. Another strong positive of advertising in a magazine is the fact that the quality and the reproduction quality of magazines is so high that it can make the already beautiful featured imagery look even nicer. The quality of the paper and the printing itself can really make the image pop. Finally, the last positive of magazine advertising that I will be discussing it its permanence. While you might think that this Publix ad is really nice to look at and appealing, you might save the magazine as a whole. Two years later, when your sister is trying to find one of your recipes inside of it, she may notice the Publix ad, and yet again appreciate, enjoy, and process it. This, essentially is what Publix was working for from day one.