Audi’s Ads Are More Than A Feeling

With the A4’s official launch Audi produced a magazine campaign. In the images below, you’ll see the images that Audi used to show the interior of the 2017 A4.

What does the text say?

In the first picture the headline says “More than a feeling.” On the bottom Audi describes the interior with addidtional features. The text says “Your drive sets up the rhythm of your day. Knowing this, we placed what you need, where you need it to put you in your tempo from the start. The ergonomic interior space was painstackingly designed to help make your A4 much easier to operate. An intelligent infotainment platform is prominently placed on either the bold MMI display or intuitive available Audi virtual cockpit. And a yacht-style gear selector gives your wrist a comfortable place to rest while the available MMI touch can recognize your handwriting.”

With the headline Audi tries to make people curious about the car and they want to make people read the additional text on the bottom. The sentence “More than a feeling” wants to make people blieve that if they sit in this car it goes beyond feeling good, that they will experience something they have never experienced. The additional text supports this statement. All the features and functiones inside the car will make your day better right at the moment you get in this car. With this they want to reach the customers emotional appeal.

On the other picture the headline says ” The rich embrace of refinement.” Also in this picture there is an additional text on the botom where Audi describes more information about the functions and features of the new interior. It says “Stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and and cozy no matter what. Keep the cabin calm with a ventilation system that provides reduced noise, less drafed and increased comfort. The roomy interior provides incredible comfort with standard leather seating surfaces, available front and rear heated seats and ventilated front sport seats. For a heightened interior environment, consider the available ambient LED interior lighting plus package and illuminate contour and background elements in up to 30 color settings, or pair your color profile with Audi drive select modes based on an Interactive setting.

Aso in this case the headline wants to make people read all of the text. “The rich embrace of refinement” wants to show that this car was planned and made looking for every detail. It has everything you need no matter what day or month it is. For reach condition this cars will make you feel good and satisfy your needs. With using words like cozy Audi again wants to use the emotion of the customer. When you hear cozy you think of sitting on a couch with a blanket and a tea while it is cold outside. So who does not want to feel cozy? Audi want you to think that this feeling of cozy is possible when you sit in this car.

What does the image say?

The images show the interior of the new car from different perspectives, so the customer can see all of the nice displays, lights and details. The image itself is kept very dark. Audi chose a black/brown interior. I think they did that because black is the most neutral and yet most elegant color. In addition most people have black interior. The image gives some kind of mysterious feeling because of all the black colors. It looks very elegant, clean and everything looks like as it would pefectly fit together.

Who is the magazines/ads target market?

I think the target market of this ad is mostly men that have already interest in cars and also in Audi. The ad contains a lot of detailed information about the car. Somebody who is not interested in cars would not buy this magazine and somebody who is not interested in Audi would not read all of the additional information. Yet Audi tries to make people read all the text. The headline is made so it attracts people’s attention and makes them curious about what else this car has to offer.

I think Audi is using a Demonstration here. They do not only show what the interior looks like, they also tell people about the advantages the new interior has and how it can make the customers life better. They try to convince consumers of the product’s utility,quality and benefits of owning this car.