BeeNaturals© is an all-Natural Hair and Skin care products company. Consumers will be able to select al a carte products based on their own hair and skin types. They will be able to select their hair and skin types and will be given guidelines on what kind of ingredients they should have in their products. They will then be able to build their own products at the click of a button or at a consultation, and BeeNaturals© will create a custom product for each consumer. The main hair products will be Shampoo and conditioner, a deep conditioner, and a daily hair product. The main Skin products will be a body wash, a lotion, and a body oil. There will be lots of other products as well.


Consumer markets for Hair and skin care will always have a high demand for products and services. Men and women will always have a need for this industry. This is considered a saturated market.

Over the past 20 years, the trend of being natural or holistic has become a submarket in pretty much every industry there is. Being eco-friendlier, or wanting better results with hair/skin care. They all tie into one another. For example, to achieve the most naturally beautiful results of your skin and hair, one must eat a certain way, like whole foods, which is also another sub market of the food industry.

Diversity- when the natural hair movement began in the early 2000s, it was a movement for black women to embrace the hair on their head they were given. Having large puffy hair had been looked at in a negative manner. Women put harmful chemicals in their hair to make it look more acceptable, as say a white woman’s hair. The movement was about being who you are, and loving it. Over the years it has become just another political battle about race. I personally have a diverse background, and my product is a representation of me. There are women and men of all diverse backgrounds, and we are all entitled to “rocking our natural” looks. My products will offer the luxury to select products based on the individual, whether selecting online or at a face to face consultation.

Simplicity and transparency is also another strength; knowing what exactly what you are purchasing, and being confident in your purchase. Using the simplest products to make it easy to understand, while not having to worry about being unsure if the ingredients could be potentially harmful.

Saving time; a lot of consumers would like to go natural, but it can be very time consuming. Buying the products, making them, mixing them, going to different locations for different ingredients. This can be enough running around to make you want to go back to chemicals. My products will allow the same feeling of accomplishing running around with no effort. Just creating a Naturals© profile and allowing us to do the rest! Using this system is innovative, which in this time is very important. Easy and simple are how a large portion of consumers like to operate. A lot of the natural hair products in today’s market still have chemicals in them, and they are very expensive.


Racial animosity; to some it is frowned upon that other ethnicities want to join in on the natural movement. This can create a stigma for the new idea of “all hair created equal”

Oversaturated market- because this is such a trend there are so many hair and skin gurus on social media showing you how to create these products

Unnatural trends- There are just as many consumers interested in damaging their hair as being natural. Trends like coloring the hair bright colors, or using harmful levels of heat to alter your natural strands.

Expensive- usually things that are good for you are expensive. Figuring out a way to make most of the ingredients (making extracts etc) could break the weakness and make it an opp

Brand loyalty; This is always a weakness I feel for any company. Trusting a product makes it hard to allow room for new ones to try

Reputation- not knowing how the company may be looked at a head of time can be a weakness because it doesn’t take much to be overlooked in such an oversaturated market.


Innovation- allowing the consumer the ability to be their own hair/skin scientist will make the consumer more involved, thus making them feel more confident in purchasing.

When people are considering benefits of a natural lifestyle

Brand loyalty- showing the consumer that this brand has potential to be the best

Education consumers on how to shop for the right products based on their specific hair and skin type. Also educating that all types of hair and skin deserve the best treatment.

Stores and online sales

Open up the target market for men as well (currently mostly women)

Men- beard and facial hair care


Competitors- other natural hair companies currently have famous sponsors and spokespeople

Brand authenticity; showing consumers the brand is real and honesty, and cares about integrity

Social acceptance; making this more about people as a whole, and less of racial issues. (while I have personally been ridiculed for my hair in the work place and felt it was wrong, every person should be able to wear their hair in its natural state if they choose to)

Lack of time for startup- it can be very difficult for start ups for many reasons, timing, personal life (for example I am in school and work full time)