Best and Worst of Social Media Advertising in 2017

Social media advertising has quickly become a critical part of a company’s marketing campaign. Social media can help to increase traffic flow to your site or improve your company’s SEO. Social media is an easy and effective way to build relationships and connect with your target audience. Social media advertising has taken over the world of digital marketing. Some ads catch your eye and draw you in while others make you do a double take at your screen because you can’t believe that ad really got released to the public. Here are 3 of the best and 3 of the worst social media advertising campaigns from the past year (in my humble opinion).

The Best


Social media advertising doesn’t mean you have to be selling something. The #NoDAPL hashtag was created to raise awareness and support for the Sioux tribe against building the Dakota Access Pipeline on their property. This campaign was very effective and reached millions of people. Without social media, the message of this campaign would have been hard to hear. The campaign was simple, yet successful.

Excedrin #DebateHeadache

In the midst of the election stress, Excedrin released a light hearted and humorous ad that people from any political party could agree with. The company started the hashtag #DebateHeadache to advertise their product just in case you needed some extra strength to help you get through this debate season (I think we all did).

Buzzfeed Tasty Videos

Many of us have mixed reviews regarding Buzzfeed. Some of us love them, some of us hate them, and some of us take a lot of joy in loving to hate them. No matter your personal opinions on Buzzfeed, there is no denying their incredible marketing capabilities through social media. I find it impossible to scroll through Facebook without running into a Buzzfeed Tasty Video that one of my friends liked or shared. The concept behind the videos is fairly simple. Buzzfeed makes easy, delicious foods in a matter of seconds and leaves people with their mouthwatering.


The Worst

Seoul Beauty- “White makes you win”

For some reason, Seoul Beauty thought the above ad was a clever and creative way to advertise a skin-lightening makeup. The company also released a video of the girl in the picture talking about how much more successful she was because she lightened her skin. I don’t think this campaign needs any explaining as to why it was cruel and insensitive. Needless to say, the people of the internet were not a huge fan of this one.

Pepsi Max

The above image shows a voodoo doll of Cristiano Ronaldo about to be run over by a train. This ad was release on Twitter by Pepsi Max in Sweden. Competition can be good and fun but this ad crossed a very clear line. It’s very obvious people were upset over this poorly thought through advertisement. Better luck next time, Pepsi!


How did this one get approved by anyone? IHOP definitely shot and missed with this ad. IHOP tweeted out a picture of a stack of pancakes with the caption “flat but has a GREAT personality” referencing a woman’s chest size. This ad definitely received a good bit of backlash, rightfully so. Using humor is great in advertisements but humor definitely needs to be used wisely.

That completes my list of the best and the worst social media advertisements from the past year! Kudos to all the companies on the best list. To the companies on the bad list, I’m graduating in 2018 if you need a new social media marketer!