Comparing Mercedes-Benz LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Advertisement has graduated from the simple days of newspaper ads. Today’s advertisement environment is far more complex and requires much more skill and tactic to master than that of previous decades. In a now digital world, a great deal of advertisement is done online as opposed to just television commercials. Today, it is very seldom one is browsing through a website without being overtaken by advertisement. It is everywhere from your favorite music platforms and fashion sites to your very own social media pages. In fact, social media ads make up a significant part of a company’s advertisement campaigns due to their specialization in targeting specific audiences.

Mercedes Benz is a perfect example of social media advertisement usage as it has participated in campaigns on nearly every social media platform, some more successful than others. Of its more successful ads, LinkedIN, the professional social media platform, has participated heavily. LinkedIN lists Mercedes-Benz twice on their webpage for outstanding advertisement case studies. One of the case studies refers to a time when LinkedIN was approached by Mercedes-Benz engage its potential buyers individually in order to build awareness for the multiple classes in its automotive catalog, as well as thrust Mercedes-Benz to the top of the premium automotive industry. To do this, LinkedIN used its unique targeting tactics to focus specifically on individuals who were being promoted into a new, better paying position in their corporation. They separated these individuals  based upon how high in the company they are being promoted, something LinkedIN can see when a user updates his or her profile. Based upon which position they were promoted, they would receive a personalized, congratulatory letter for their achievement from Mercedes-Benz and at the same time propose the purchase of a better vehicle, fit for someone on their position. This individual target marketing tool proved to be very useful and effective in boosting awareness for Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles, so much so that it won an award and reached over two million new auto buyers throughout Germany, Sweden, Turkey, and Portugal.

Another way Mercedes-Benz used LinkedIN Advertisements was to again, build awareness, but this time through sharing compelling content to an affluent audience for their E-Class and S-Class models. In addition, they needed some sort of marketing tool that would be a helpful add-on to their Display Ad branding campaign. Again, LinkedIN was successful in producing an effective solution. This time, used Sponsored content in conjunction with Display Ads to build awareness of videos showcasing their luxury line of cars. In doing this, Sponsored advertisements would pop up when someone, whom LinkedIN and Mercedes-Benz deemed a likely buyer through categorization, would click on a related news article of post. This was just as effective, but utilized a different approach and reached the vast majority of high net worth professionals Mercedes-Benz intended to.

As one can see, ad campaigns through social media sites prove to be very useful tools in attempting to build awareness around a product. ¬†They are the perfect conduit for company’s to due their marketing through as it offers a variety of different features and is able to target very specific audiences. Additionally, it is the new an innovative way to do promotions and is utilized by large corporations and small businesses alike.