David Lynch Foundation: “Sounds of Trauma” Brings Awareness To Veterans

Most of us have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The same can be said about a single sound. Musician/Author Chad Sugg states “My body is an ugly masterpiece that lives off the beauty of sound.” We often take sound for granted because it is always there and we have become accustomed to it’s constant tune. For those of us who have had the unfortunate experience of going through trauma in which sound played a huge role in, triggers can happen at anytime at any place. The David Lynch Foundation made a short video ad entitled “Sounds of Trauma” which takes actual war footage and combines it with sounds you might hear everyday and intertwines them to show you how easy it is for war trauma victims to be triggered by PTSD.

David Lynch is an American film Director, Screenwriter, and Producer who has made such iconic films as Mulholland Dr., Blue Velvet, and Eraserhead. His foundations main objective is “healing traumatic stress and raising performance in at-risk populations” through practices like transcendental meditation (https://www.davidlynchfoundation.org). One way they are doing this is by making a 56 second video about Veteran War Trauma. On their website, they have started a campaign entitled Operation Warrior Wellness (OWW) which aims to heal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder through Meditation since less than 20 percent of Veterans receive proper care for PTSD due to lack of resources or effective treatment options. This emotional video ad aims to bring awareness to a very overlooked and staggering subject of PTSD and Veteran suicide. To produce this powerful ad, the David Lynch Foundation worked with French Agency Herezie, Canadian production company Mile Inn, sound company Apollo Studios, and had Yan Dal Santo, the co-founder of Mile Inn and Apollo Studios direct it.

David Lynch takes his film prowess to the front to bring this stunning portrayal with a unique twist in the middle to audiences around the world.  The spot starts with war footage from Afghanistan and Iraq where it shows Helicopters, soldiers shooting and improvised explosive devices (IED’s) going off. The images then cut to black as text creeps in stating “These images are from the battlefield…the sounds are not…listen once again”. The ad then takes you step by step through the sounds you just heard, but with different video. The video starts with a point of view shot with a guy waking up in his bed to his alarm which previously was in the helicopter shot. It then shows common jobs and experiences one goes through randomly throughout a normal day and ends with another POV shot of the same guy looking down and anxiously grasping his hands. Text then appears on the screen saying “Daily sounds can bring veterans right back to war”. Herzie ECD Baptiste Clinet knew the impact this angle could have by saying of the ad “We really try to show the power of sound, the memories and emotions it triggers are so strong. For soldiers who come back from the battlefield, some everyday sounds in life put them right back there.”