FENTY Makeup Commercial Analysis

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a makeup line that focuses on providing products that work for all skin types. The over minute long commercial advertisement displays models of many different races, cultures and skin types showing off their makeup. The Fenty Beauty line is unique in the beauty industry due to the fact they have such a wide variety of colors of makeup as well as undertones in skin pigments.  The commercial is also unique compared to other advertisements in the beauty industry because of the models and style of showing its products.

The Fenty line is able to put their mission statement in every advertisement because Rihanna, Fenty Beauty’s mission statement reads “Rihanna launched a makeup line “so that women everywhere would be included,” focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades.”. Rihanna has been able to design her line to not only include a wide variety of skin tones, specifically darker skin tones but also accommodate lighter skin tones with yellow, red and warmer pigments. The product line is designed to celebrate all skin types and inherently promotes the company’s values and goals.

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This commercial is unique in the fact that it is focusing on the models expressing themselves through the makeup rather than just pushing the product in its passaging. The beauty industry can often push the unrealistic benefits of makeup and advertise the outcome of the product as the main goal of the advertisement. Fenty Beauty selling point is inclusion, it doesn’t need to offer unrealistic beauty expectations or standards. The commercial advertisement highlights inclusivity which is the main selling point, this line is designed to have the makeup fit hard to match skin tones. One of the main messages Fenty Beauty as a company sends is being comfortable in your own skin, and having a makeup brand that acknowledges that all skin tones are worth creating, producing and advertising.

The Beauty Industry has a long history of having a very narrow standard of beauty, putting lighter skin tones on a pedestal and completely ignoring darker skin tones. Commercials often show trends of completely changing ones appearance by wearing bright vibrant colors or adding fake enhancers like fake eye lashes or lip plumper. The Fenty Beauty commercial shows more natural looking makeup, no crazy colors or tons of makeup. The natural look highlights the ideal of each skin tone being beautiful and the Fenty Beauty line is designed to highlight that.

The models within the commercial also sends a very loud and clear message to the Beauty industry. There are women of all shapes and sizes, ethnic backgrounds and races. There are women of color with all different hair types and different aspects of beauty that have been frowned upon, down to a purposeful glimpse of gapped teeth.  Fenty Beauty is clearly sending the message that their brand is rejecting the construct of what is beautiful designed by the industry.