Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Advertising Campaign Analysis

This Maybelline magazine advertisement is a promotion for their new Fit Me liquid foundation. The product benefit is finding a product that will “Fit” your skin tone. The image shows three different models wearing the foundation and then a display of the product in the bottle, alongwith a text explaining the benefits. Maybelline is selling a product promising that it will “Let the real you come through” meaning skin tone. The Beauty industry has strayed away from the bright colors and dramatic looks; it has turned to a natural look. The Beauty industry is following society’s turn towards self-love and a more realistic beauty standard. Maybelline is following the change and has chosen to put the message of all skin being beautiful.

The advertisement has an underlying message of the beauty industry including all skin types as beautiful and they have products to prove it. The issue with this advertisement is the darker skin tone they have is not that dark. The African American woman on the darker spectrum has a lighter skin tone. There are women with a much darker skin pigmentation. The model choice is very important in the beauty industry due to the influence the industry has over standards of beauty. Beauty standards can have detrimental effects over girls and women all over the world and how they perceive beauty and themselves. The models they choose are all lighter skin complexion and all have yellow undertones, and only show three different shades.

The Fit Me line advertisement is, assuming, showing the lightest and darkest shades it offers. The darkest shade they are displaying is not very dark, the model also has green, lighter eye colors. This is a detrimental aspect of this advertisement, most African American or Black women do not naturally have green or lighter eye colors. This is setting an unrealistic beauty expectation for women of color. Also the representation for darker skin tones is presumably an African American woman, this eliminates the depiction of any other ethnic or racial beauty standards. In the middle of the image there is a bar that is the liquid foundation itself, it showing the range of foundation colors. If you think about all the different skin types that exist and then look at the options Maybelline is offering, it may cover a small percentage of people that will actually “Fit” the small range.

The advertisement also has two lighter shades which are borderline the same color. There is no a great difference in the tones with undertones or pigments, which reinforces the stigma that lighter skin tones are better and one standard of beauty. Still there are more options and a broader spectrum to choose from the lighter end.The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation line states on its magazine advertisement “ Go beyond matching, get skin the way it was meant to be: fresh, breathing and natural.”.  If the foundation was suppose to help skin be the way it was meant to be it would also include foundations for all skin types, not just lighter, paler skin tones.