Mercedes Benz A-Class: Ready for a new generation.

This TV campaign was made for the new generation of the Mercedes Benz A-Class. The new A-Class was revealed for the first time on 26 September in 2015. For this reason Mercedes Benz started a large marketing and advertising campaign on all communication channels under the title “Ready for a new generation.”

The following video shows the main TV commercial for the A-Class TV-Ad campaign:

When we analyze an ad, we have to answer some basic questions. These questions include the following.

What is the product or service being sold?

The product that is being sold is obviously a car. The car is shown the most of the time in different colors and in action. This shows that it is the product that is being sold. There are no other products that could be addressed with this commercial.

What is the general mood or feeling of the commercial?

In my opinion the general mood or feeling of the commercial is a happy or good feeling. You see the commercial and you also want to drive that car. The commercial makes you feel like you are a different person when you have that car.

How does the soundtrack play a role in your interpretation of the commercial?

The soundtrack plays a very big role in this commercial. Here the soundtrack supports the good and happy feeling. In some sort the soundtrack also makes you feel strong, confident and invulnerable. It starts very slow and silent in the beginning, but when the person in the commercial is sitting in the car and driving it the soundtrack gets faster and very loud. This supports the feeling of beeing happy and confident.

How do the actors playing the characters affect your interpretation of the commercial?

In this commercial I think the actors affect the interpretation in a way to whom that commercial is aimed towards. The actors are young and are good looking and self confident. Trough that they want to show, that also young people can and should have a car like this. The young people also fit very good to the soundtrack. If they would have used old people i think the message would be completely different. The young people are the main indicator tho whom this commercial is aimed towards.

How does the commercial try to get your attention?

The commecial is getting my attention with the increase of suspense with the soundtrack. You can hear something is going to happen but you don’t know what and you really want to know. This addesses the curiosity of the human being. When the soundrack starts to get load and the ad shows the product the commercial is about you are already in the commercial and you don’t want to stop watching it. The nice car the good looking people and the surroundings make a perfect picture and you enjoy watching it.

Who is this commercial aimed towards?

As already revealed in question 4 the commercial is aimed towards young people. The commercial only uses young people who interact with the product (car). Also the soundtrack sounds more aimed towards younger people and fits perfectly with the pictures. In addition the name of the campaign also gives a hint that this car is aimed more towards younger poeple or as it says the new generation. By this they do not only mean new generation of people but also new generation of car. Cars are starting to change. They have more features are more powerful and yet a lot of cars get smaller.

In this ad, Mercedes is using a combination of Demonstration and Dramatization. They show the car in a very dramatic and also a little surreal and futuristic way. They try to tell a story with the whole ad. They want the consumer to get lost in the story and experience the feelings of the charaters. Those feelings will make the consumer want to buy the car.