Mercedes-Benz introduces the all-new CLA

Mercedes-Benz is launching their new CLA in the US and we will analyze their advertising campaign by looking at two print advertisements.

The first one is a big sign, which could hang in a big city or just on a public place where many people are walking through. The most interesting part about this advertisement is definitely the picture itself, which shows the new car. But when you compare this sign with signs of other brands you will see that Mercedes-Benz uses nearly no font at all. The reason why is, that the picture of the cars should speak for itself. Even people that are not really interested in cars, will look at the sign just because it looks really futuristic. And exactly this is the power idea of this advertising. Let the product speak for itself.

The background of the picture is minimalistic to bring all the attention to the car. The unique selling point of this product could be its design or the status that comes with a car like this. The first impression of this picture, makes the viewer feel astonished and excited. And it creates the feeling of desire to at least check it out in a car store or to drive it. So the advertising team did a really god job, because the product is positioned in a simply and unmistakable way. The target market of this advertise are men and women between the age of 18-50. But the price on the sign makes clear that not everyone who dreams to drive a CLA is able to buy one. This advertising shows in a clear way that a car from this brand is a luxury product and only people that earn way above average can afford it.


If we look now at the second picture, we see that the company remains true to their style. This sign also uses really less font and the power idea is to let the car speak for itself. With the word “untamed” on the sign, the company wants to show that this car is as powerful and fast as it looks like. With that word the company tries to speak with its customers and tries them to show that this brand stands for powerful and fast cars. In this advertisement the background is also kind of dark so that the car can show its headlights in an impressive way. This kind of ad could be in a magazine that deals with technical or financial topics, because people that like that kind of cars and have enough money to buy it are probably working in these kind of business fields.

All in all it is definitely fair to say that this advertising campaign from Mercedes-Benz exhibits painstaking craftsmanship. What I also like about this kind of ad is that the company does not uses a payed celebrity to show how cool it is to drive a car like this. This power idea makes it able for you to see what you can get, without getting distracted from a random person.

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