Mercedes-Benz presents: King of the City Jungle

 Mercedes-Benz released a new advertising campaign for their new S-Class that launches 2017. And for that the advertising team brings together the pure wilderness of a lion and the stressful business world we are living in right now. The company shows in an impressive way the advantages of the new Energizing Comfort Control System.

The spot starts by showing the spectator that even the strongest and smartest business manager can have a really bad day. The business manager is represented by a human with the head of a lion. This shows the viewer that he is the leader of the company and plays the key role in the spot. During his day there are several misadventures that happen to him. First there is a presentation that is really boring and which gets interrupted by some technical problems. After that there is another scene where the manager gets coffee on his shirt. The commercial also shows that the manager gets under time pressure which makes his mood even worse.


But now the highlight of the commercial is coming. After his stressful day the manager gets in his car, which is the new S-Class from Mercedes Benz. When the S-class stops at the first traffic light the manager presses the button, which starts the Energizing Comfort Control System. And from that moment the complete spot changes. It gets shown that the ECC system changes the music, temperature, smell, seat position and even the lights in the car. This impression is so overwhelming for your manager that he is able to relax completely. After his ride the manager gets out of his care and the views sees that he completely forgot his stressful day and that he is now ready to enjoy his evening.

Through the men with the head of a lion Mercedes tried to implement their customer into their commercial. A human that spends way more than 80.000 dollars for a car is probably in a high position in a big company. So the advertising shows in a smart way a benefit for the target market, which are people that work long hours under high pressure. The length of the clip is also typical for that company. They do not show a 15 second clip without a message, instead the viewer sees a whole story with one clear message. A good time to show this movie could be breaks while a football game, because that ensures that a lot of people are going to see it. But selling a S-class is something different that selling a ford C-max. While Ford advertises over the whole day, Mercedes only should advertise in the evening or on big sporting events. The reason why is people that have the money to buy a S-class are probably not watching TV at 3.00 pm. Normally the have long working days and only watch TV when there is something really special going on.

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