Motherhood SWOT Analysis

“The Motherhood offers essential social media services to help you reach bloggers who cover just about any topic, delivering guaranteed coverage and engagement that remains highly searchable for years to come. Our work has enabled hundreds of consumer brands to leverage the power of online influencers as rocket fuel for social media marketing campaigns. ”

Motherhood offers many services such as:

  • Influencer Engagement & Activations
  • Twitter Activations
  • Consulting & Management Services
  • Research, Consumer Insight, and Analysis
  • Start-Up and Small Business Services


  • Home page has examples of their work for clients to immediately view which helps prospective clients make an educated purchasing decision
  • Fun animated website attracts clients to look around on the Motherhood website and to not click away to other competitors 
  • Website is clear and easy to use which can be accessible to mothers that are not technology savvy
  • On the top search list for Pittsburgh marketing companies which puts the company visibility first and allows for Motherhood to be on a client’s top consideration
  • Has a clear niche market and can target mothers
  • Empowers women, company has good values
  • Company is well rated and has been reviewed on many local business and news outlets 
  • Large social media following
  • Customer Loyalty keeps a strong word of mouth reputation and customer return 
  • Well awarded and have awards shown on website so clients can see Motherhoods strengths 
  • Social Media pages are being shared and company is becoming more well recognized

Social Media


  • Company is solely focused on connecting brands with America’s moms, limits target market
  • Finding new clients is expensive and one of the hardest aspects of marketing, it is much better to build customer relationships than find new consumers 
  • Company expansion is occurring but employee numbers are not  
  • Number of employees may not be enough to handle expansion


  • Working with other companies that focus on mothers or children
  • Technology advances within their website and communication with clients
  • Growth for more employees and location expansion 
  • Grow social Media following, create a new social media marketing plan
  • Innovate new social media marketing technique


  • People can do online marketing themselves, why would they pay for a service they can do themselves
  • Other marketing companies taking clients
  • Other marketing companies targeting mothers could be stealing hits on online searches
  • Technology and social media trends develop faster than The Motherhood can keep up with
  • Vulnerable to larger marketing company