The Natural Hair Movement Progresses: Pantene Gold Series Natural Hair Product Line

Check out the full commercial here: 

Pantene Gold Series is a new line of natural hair products launched in February of 2017, and they have done their homework. The best way to describe natural hair is by the Ten Natural Hair Commandments:

But this is only a high level overview. Natural hair care has been scientifically researched over the years, all the way down to the hair follicle. This new line of hair care has been developed by black women, for black women. Essence magazine wrote an article giving very exclusive information about the product. “11 black Ph.D scientists” “over 40+ hair stylists and a dermatologist” ” 25 two hour research sessions with hair stylists and their clients were done”. They also did studies in 4 countries where there is a large population of ethnic hair and worked with 3,000 women for more research.

My favorite part about this campaign is the transparency.  When you go to the official Pantene website, underneath the logo it says “Developed by Scientists, Perfected by Stylists” using this marketing strategy is the most clever. With better for you products being a trend in food, skin and hair care, this transparency grabs your attention. I watched the commercial about three times because I loved it so much. The way they added all types of ethnic hair, all of the hair types and all different shades of brown. It makes you feel like you are apart of this.

Another thought, the fact that Pantene has been around for nearly 30 years, they have been one of the leading professional and at home hair products. They offer reliability as far as knowing they are a good product due to popularity, and have been in nearly every American’s home on at least one occasion. They have just never had a great hair product line for natural hair or ethic hair. There previously was a product line for ethnic hair, but it was not created by people with ethnic hair, it was created by what the book of cosmetology says about relaxed or chemically treated hair. Pantene undergoing research to hone in on what is happening in the world today, and identifying who they are trying to get to purchase products. The natural hair movement started in the early 2000’s and has come a long way since then. That even shows progress for this political movement!

To briefly touch on the actual movement, it was about black women being accepted to wear their hair in its natural state. Over the years curly thick, kinky bushy hair was not looked at as a beauty feature. It was flat and straight hair like a white woman that was looked at as beautiful. So most of the black women ended up chemically treating, adding fake hair, or heating their hair and their daughters hair for many years, to accomplish straight and flat hair. This has been a vicious cycle for many years because as a result most women didn’t have a choice growing up with the option to try even know what their natural hair looks like. We have finally broken the cycle and allowing our hair to shine the way it was created. There is still lots of controversy in this matter. I even personally experienced being told in the workplace that my hair was too “big”. Im glad that now there are one the largest hair product companies in the industry that has a line for this specific market of hair, because that means the movement is progressing! Thats big news that more and more areas are becoming accepting and embracing the beauty features you were born with.

In conclusion, brand loyalty, transparency, and identifying the target market are the some very strong marketing strategies that were used here for this campaign. I have heard nothing but great reviews on this product it is a must try for ethnic or curly hair. There are many reviews and youtube hair gurus that are buzzing about this line.

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