Online Marketing Comparison between Hello Fresh and Xfinity

HelloFresh is a new company that delivers groceries to your door. The main selling point is that they send you the exact amount needed for specific recipes. That means every week you pick your meals, with the option of 3 or 4 different kinds of meals, and they send you all of the ingredients needed for each of those meals. You can select different types of meal plans, either vegetarian of family, or classic. This is a very innovative concept, and there are not many TV advertisements for this service. It is mostly marketed online.

By using Google Display Network, based off what you search for, advertisements will show when you are using Google. I will use myself in this example, because I have recently signed up for a subscription. I enjoy food and researching recipes on google, and watching a lot of dishes being made sped up in a two minute video on Facebook. As a result, in most of my news feeds and usually whenever I am online I saw the HelloFresh ads. One day I decided to try it and I am obsessed. I love this service. I would say that HelloFresh should consider other ad campaigns such as TV or radio. There are a few differences between Display Network and social media marketing, even though they are both online. Display Network will show you advertisements when you are just surfing the web or doing an online search. Social media marketing is more personal because it is based off your personal interactions on social media, (i.e., posts you like or pages you add).

Comcast is the next company I will discuss. As we know this is a very large company, and the leading one in the cable and internet industry. They utilize all platforms of marketing, TV and radio commercials, billboards; personal selling such as emails and paper mail with promotions, and even signage in places like train stations, grocery carts at the local grocer, and there is even advertising in the company specifically for the employees! In this example I will get specific again with the online area of Xfinity marketing. Xfinity would have a higher advantage utilizing Display Network because for one, they are an internet provider so anything in regard to Wi-Fi or internet will trigger Xfinity ads. Which being that you are using some sort of internet, most likely an Xfinity ad will find its way on your device. Comparing that to the personal selling aspect, having mailers going out every month, as well as emails, makes the consumer feel like they have promotions specifically for them.

During the consumer decision making process for both of these companies,  using these different platforms for marketing can be very beneficial. Especially during the information search stage of this process. For HelloFresh, during any online search for grocery delivery, or simple showing interest on your personal social media platform will be have the most presence, even though they are not in the limelight as much as Xfinity services for example, they will still give you reason to search further into their services. As for Xfinity, with all of the different platforms it will be hard to avoid searching further into their services.


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