Pedigree: A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt


It’s okay to admit it. Ads are annoying. They can be so controversial, political, or seemingly pointless. But what kind of ads are never controversial or annoying? Ads with dogs.

Pedigree is a specialty pet food store that has been around since 1957. Pedigree has released countless commercials, magazine ads, radio ads, and more. One of their campaigns was titled “A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt.” This campaign does not directly market their products or encourage you to buy dog food. Instead this campaign focuses on adopting dogs, instead of shopping for them. They are referring to their promotional deal where if buy a Pedigree bag of dog food, they will donate another bag to shelter dogs.

This campaign features a series of images. The images include 2 side-by-side images. One image is someone who appears to be lonely and off by themselves. The second image is the same as the first, except the second one features a dog along with a heartwarming tagline like “A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt.” It is evident that the dog adds an instantaneous level of happiness to each advertisement.

I know that, at least for myself, if I see a cute little dog, I am going to be 100% more interested in that advertisement. Pedigree knows how to capture their audience and lure them in with pictures of cute, playful dogs. This campaign has been received well because it promotes a healthy life for dogs and touches on all of the positive aspects of dog ownership.

While the ads are deemed to be “cute”, they also bring light to a very important topic: Pet Adoption. Too many dogs are left alone in shelters when people choose to shop instead of adopt. Pedigree realizes that problems and released this campaign in hopes of fixing it.

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The “A Dog Makes Your Life Happier” campaign is touching and uplifting. It also may be the push needed for someone who has been thinking about adopting but hasn’t already. Pedigree knows that dogs make the world a better place and wanted to make sure as many people as possible get to experience that joy.