Pinterest Advertising Opens Doors for Etsy and Living Royal

Etsy and Living Royal’s goal through using Pinterest as an advertising channel was to create brand awareness, traffic, and online sales. But, how they went about increasing these metrics was unique to each company.


Etsy is an online market place for individuals to sell their arts, crafts, or goods to people around the world and develop their business. There are currently 800,000 online shops. Encompassing a wide range of demographics, Pinterest was key in allowing Etsy to showcase items for sale on a platform that reaches billions of people around the world. To build brand awareness and traffic in North America, Etsy began to post new pins daily. The posts consisted on online merchandise or related content. When they began to see some positive reactions, they implemented a Guest Pinner Program which allows people to “bring in different points of view and engage the community in content sharing.”

This Pinterest feature creates a more personal act than just viewing or liking a post. They also implemented a Save Button. The save button makes it easy for Etsy shoppers to save items when browsing. This was their main source of noticing improvement. After just a few new programming initiatives, Etsy saw a 22% increase in average views per week and 20% more sales per week. However, like any new development there are learning curves. They have found there needs to be constant management of their boards from the editorial, merchandising, and international managers. This collaboration gives better insight in understanding the connection between Pinterest and Etsy users.

Pinterest is a great platform because they are relatable. Both are product based and have a sense of “artistic coolness” to them. The article states, “we know if it is hot on Pinterest it will probably resonate well with our community” which explains their connection. This statement drives their mission and goal utilizing the Pinterest platform.

Living Royal

Living Royal is a Chicago based sock brand also trying to increase brand awareness and traffic, but also online sales. Unlike Etsy, they utilize Promoted Pins and Pinterest Tags to increase the goal metrics. They are drawn to organic traffic, so they use Promoted Pins to go after the huge and growing Pinterest user base in a controlled way to drive revenue.

They have also found that individuals are searching for their products, but because they want new customers they use Pinterest Keywords. With the 6x increase in traffic and a 40% higher conversion rate, they are on the right track to creating a successful footprint within Pinterest. While seeing this success, they also understand that users are drawn to their use of bright colors, colorful graphics, text, and the use of tag lines and a brand slogan. Posting lifestyle and product shots, Living Royal has found that having vertical pins featuring multiple items do better to entice users click through. Being a unique and smaller sock business, they depend heavily on their social media presence and Pinterest has been proven to be a positive player in their success.

While businesses are unique and have a set target market, Pinterest is a great way to break down barriers to help these business grow and prosper.