Pinterest Travel Companies Reap Rewards

Centre Parcs offers forest getaways at five different locations across the UK, Centre Parcs targeted families planning vacations. Pinterest is a huge hub for people to gain inspiration or tips on travelling, it is one of the top ten reasons people use Pinterest. Four Seasons also uses Pinterest to connect with guest who want “extraordinary experiences and expert destination advice.” Both Centre Parcs and Four Season use Pinterest to target the same market with different niches within travel seekers.

Centre Parcs is targeting families to come to their early on in their vacation planning which is higher during the spring time. Centre Parcs is looking for people who want to take a family friend getaway weekend or short break. Centre Parcs paired with two different marketing companies, Marketing Developer Partner Adaptly and media agency Blue 449. Together they created and launched a four week marketing plan to take advantage of the high number of people on Pinterest looking for travel information. The marketing campaign launched all of their designed post at ones and tracked the campaign progress. Tweaking post as they went, Centre Parcs was able to tailor their post to what was trending throughout their consumers clicks. For example, a pin about Centre Parcs den-building projects was being pinned to kids boards and kid’s activities. As a result Centre Parc was able to tailor keywords and interest targeting to suggest their pins to people tracking kid friendly posts.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is a luxury hospitality brand that uses Pinterest to reach customers looking for luxurious travel experience. Four Seasons has over 81 hotels and resorts around the world, each individual location has its own profile. Each location has a different feel and experience; each profile is tailored to attract guest. The most successful ways Four Season Hotels uses Pinterest features are the tracking features of trends on Pinterest and then launching their own marking campaign Pin.Pack.Go. The marketing team created Pin.Pack.Go. to allow “guest to co-curate a custom itinerary with a local Four Seasons expert on a group board.”. Since its creation there has been a 525% increase on the main Four Seasons account.

Both companies used Pinterest to launch marketing campaigns to attract guest to their websites and stay at their venues. The main difference is the Four Seasons size, they had one main page then 81 different profiles for each location. Whereas Centre Parcs had one page to attract a smaller niche market looking for kid friendly, short getaways. The Four Season Hotels also offered the option for guest to curate their own vacation, compared to Centre Parcs which is a simpler, reasonable getaway.  Both companies were successful in their Pinterest marketing campaigns and saw numbers sky rocket. Centre Parcs generated 21,0000 clickthroughs, which is 30x more than organic clickthroughs. Bounce rates declined, campaign cost went down by 40%and the campaign last longer. Four Seasons saw a 1000% increase on daily average visitors from Pinterest, there was a 900% increase on the number of people saving daily content. The Four Seasons Global Social Media Marketing Manager, Felicia Yukich said “Pinterest is transforming the way our guest plan their trips, share ideas and select travel destinations.”