Pittsburgh Nonprofits and Students Practice Good SEO

I invested the better part of a decade in the academic study of marketing and communications and only once heard SEO mentioned by a professor or required text. "Search engine optimization is about using the right words to rank highly in Google," the adjunct said. At that point, I had already put myself through a year of grad school with freelance consulting and was too surprised that it even came up to correct her.

How is it that we don't teach something in schools that is so prominent and employable in the modern business environment? Thanks to everyone at LunaMetrics, a SEO agency on the South Side, that trend is changing in Pittsburgh.

A free training program taught 20 university students and recent graduates about SEO. Participants met on four consecutive Saturdays to learn about internet marketing and put the lessons to use.

The students partnered with seven local organizations to practice their new skill. Non-profit organizations received a free SEO audit of their site, which was presented by the students who worked on it. The idea was simple:

Student received free training, nonprofits received free consulting and the digital marketing industry in Pittsburgh took a step in the right direction.

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