Sephora’s Ad Campaign is Changing the Way We Shop for Hair Products

This magazine campaign is from a large cosmetic sales company, Sephora. It is for a new way to shop for hair products. When you shop online, it has a way you can select your type of hair to shop for products. It has a similar concept to my own personal idea for a business, to reduce the stress of trying to find the right product for your hair. With so many different hair types, there are many cases where you can purchase a product but it might not work as well as it does for another person. This shopping tool asks you to select your curl pattern, wavy, curly, coily, or tightly coiled. After this selection it will show you all of the lines recommended by product types (shampoos and conditioners, hair oils, creams, gels, etc).

Innovation and simplicity are the main ideas with this model for shopping for products. Most people today are looking for convenient ways to receive quality products they want to be able to try without wasting money. People are interested in things being as easy as clicking on a button.

Sephora is also a well known company that has high end makeup, hair, skin, and perfume products. Because of them being known for carrying these kinds of quality products, and staffed with knowledgeable cosmetic lovers or makeup artists, it is safe to say they would be considered a trusted brand. They have opened the door for a new target market and now have pretty much every kind of consumer knocking on their website. This is a win-win situation because, they are making more profit by allowing these types of hair products to be so easily accessible. Before doing research for this article, even I wasn’t aware this was available, and will be using this tool myself!

In regards to my personal business idea, BeeNaturals will take it one step further, I would like to be able to allow more than just a curl pattern to determine hair products. I would also want to know other major factors for hair types, high or low porosity, frizz prone or fine, color treated or virgin hair, and if you use heat on your hair or not. Also offering a 2 week low cost trial of the product to see if it something worth purchasing, because natural hair care is more expensive than regular hair products. Asking these questions will only help even more than what Sephora is doing, which is ensuring the odds of purchasing a product that works best your hair.

This was a very good marketing strategy that Sephora created. They are mostly known for their make up, so having something like this tool available will also allow room for shoppers to consider making more of their purchases from them. (i.e., Makeup, hair products, and fragrances). As a result this will allow Sephora to have a larger target market and will appeal to more consumers.

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