SQAD Video Advertisement

SQAD is an organization that specializes in advertising, research analytics, and planning. Their main products are divided into three categories, including mediatools, medialogic, and mediacosts. These software and analytic tools research, review, plan, manage, and report across all used media channels. Essentially, SQAD provides media and advertising intelligence for advertisers, agencies, and both small and large brands. The company presents its as not only solution-driven, but also people-focused and, more importantly, fun. It’s website is colorful, lively, and visually appealing. It utilizes many graphics in order to clearly demonstrate all of its offerings.

A series of animated videos are used across SQAD’s website in order to explain how their software works and encourage consumers to test it for themselves. Although data analytics are not typically viewed as “fun”, each video is a colorful animated cartoon, and includes references that makes it both humorous and relatable, as well as a strong call-to-action. This goes along with SQAD’s overall theme of being lively and engaging.

The first video can be found on the website’s homepage homepage, and provides a short and simple overview of the company. It uses an analogy of the different types of breaks that happen at work, which are the times to sit back and relax, and the full breakdowns. The main message of the video is that SQAD can help advertisers manage and organize their work in order to get back to relaxing. It also explains the differences between a few of its products. Mediacosts are used for research and budgeting, while medialogic improves efficiency in planning. It ends by encouraging potential consumers to gain back their peace of mind by asking their SQAD representatives for more information.

Another video is located on SQAD’s “about us” page, and provides an overview of how technology has adapted and affected modern advertising and promotion. It not only explains how their analytic tools work, but also why they are necessary with today’s technology. With past technology, advertisers had less media channels to cover. By choosing only one method, agencies could still reach a majority of their audience. The video references television before cable. An advertiser could simply run their ad on all three television channels available and easily reach all viewers. However, with today’s variety, advertisers need to budget and plan more efficiently in order to reach their specified demographic. SQAD’s research tools capture and visualize audience viewing data and finds the most efficient media channels to advertise on. This video is longer and more detailed than the first, but still includes witty references, and ends similarly to the first by telling it’s audience to, “request a demo today”.

SQAD’s video series not only aims to promote its products and services, but to also inform, engage, and even entertain its audience. This method is effective in grabbing the attention of target companies, and even building a relationship with them. It is a distinguishing factor when comparing to other data analytics companies, which often find difficulty finding an equally engaging method of advertising and promotion.