Wall to Wall Studios SWOT Analysis

Wall to Wall studios is a graphic design firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a second location in Honolulu, Hawaii. Founded in 1992, Wall to Wall studios has extensive experience and offers integrated design services such as branding, advertising, web, print, motion, environments, motion, social media and packaging. The company works with a wide range of clients and believes in “creating compelling integrated experiences for smart challenger brands (Wall to Wall Studios, 2017).


  • Offers a variety of integrated design services rather than one single service (advertising, web, print, motion, environments, social media and packaging). Because this company specializes in more than one area, it will attract clients in more than one area and is able to provide them with more than one service in a cohesive manor, which may raise this company above design companies that are only specialize in one area
  • Has a sleek and innovative website design that exemplifies the company’s abilities. Potential clients are able to visit this website and not only see the services in action, but also learn about the company/contact the company for inquiries
  • 20+ years in business and an extensive list of clients which demonstrates that they have extensive knowledge and experience in their field and are capable of doing extraordinary work
  • Hand-picked, multitalented staff ranging from 11-50 people that can work together to accomplish and perfect projects in a timely manner


  • Lack of press releases/recent news articles makes it difficult to promote their business to potential customers and establish themselves as local leaders
  • Expensive! This year, Design Directory reported that typical project budgets range from 25,000 – 50,000$, so smaller companies/nonprofits might not have the funds to collaborate with Wall to Wall studios
  • Not focused on one specific category of branding. Some clients may assume that the company does not have a specialized and extraordinary knowledge of one category but an average understanding of multiple areas, similar to a jack of all trades


  • Professionals in branding, able to market their own company in new and innovative ways.
  • Possibly add another location on top of the two they have for more coverage and therefore, more clients.
  • Attract attention of big companies with impressive client list/recommendations
  • Combined with AIGA Pittsburgh in design events, which is useful in connecting with young designers and those interested in design as an occupation or necessity for their business. (https://www.facebook.com/events/937998382978175/).


  • Other design agencies in Pittsburgh such as Landesburg Designs and Ocreations
  • Many freelance designers that specialize in specific areas
  • Advancing technology makes graphic design easier for businesses on many levels

In summary, Wall to Wall Studios is a successful company and can continue to be successful in the future. What one considers to be a strength or weakness is subjective, but the company knows how to capitalize on their abilities. Many businesses, both locally and nationally, would consider collaborating with Wall to Wall on their branding needs.