Comparing Wayfair and The Container Store Pinterest Ad Campaigns

Convenient, stylish, and budget friendly?! That’s all any consumer could ever ask for. These three concepts are at the core of The Container Store and Wayfair’s company values. The Container Store is an organizational supply retailer and Wayfair is an e-commerce store that specializes in home goods. Both companies are life savers when it comes to furnishing, decorating, and organizing a space.

I am guilty of spending an entire paycheck or two at both of these places so trust me when I say their advertising methods work. Wayfair and The Container Store both advertise on Pinterest. If you are an avid Pinner but haven’t seen either of these stores popup on your Pinterest timeline, that may be because Pinterest aims for subtlety with their ads. You have probably scrolled passed and clicked on some sponsored posts by these brands but have not noticed.

Let’s start with Wayfair. Wayfair’s goal when advertising on Pinterest is to capture incremental customers. Wayfair realizes the potential that can be unlocked by advertising on Pinterest. Through data analysis, Wayfair has seen that their customers that come from Pinterest typically spend more than those who do not use Pinterest. Wayfair has been utilizing Pinterest promoted pins for one year (starting in December of 2016). Wayfair is very happy with the results they have seen through advertising on Pinterest. They have been able to reach new potential customers while increasing traffic flow to their website. They were able to stay in their budget while reaching their exact target audience.

Pinterest users love organization so it is expected that The Container Store’s advertisements would flourish in the Pinterest online environment. Pinterest and The Container Store are a match made in heaven. The Container Store actually has a Pinterest section on their website’s homepage so their customers can view the “Top Pinned” posts. On Pinterest, The Container Store’s boards have a very high engagement rate which helps to increase their follower count. The Container Store has several different boards that are each targeted to different audiences. They have also paid close attention to Pinterest analytics so they can stay on top of what is popular and what is commonly searched for. The Container Store pays attention to detail when customizing the images for their boards. They try to select and create images that would pull the highest engagement rate possible.

The goals for Wayfair and The Container Store’s campaigns differ slightly. The Container Store aims to increase brand awareness, engagement, sales (in-store and online), and traffic. Wayfair’s goals are to increase customer acquisition, sales, and traffic. The two stores also use different Pinterest products to achieve their goals. The Container Store uses the save button, rich pins, and Pinterest analytics. Wayfair uses only promoted pins.

While their advertising styles and methods differ, their successes on Pinterest are comparable. The Container Store and Wayfair are both excellent at enticing their target audience with creative boards. Both have captured their customers and promoted their products.

Next time you’re scrolling through Pinterest, keep an eye out for those Promoted Pins and you might find that home décor piece you never knew you needed.