Thanks for Celebrating with Us

We got married at Phipps Conservatory with our families in attendance.

After the short ceremony, we ate an incredible dinner at Jeanette’s cafe, catered by Kate Romane.

Jeanette surprised Andy at the party by performing a Joni Mitchell song. She had been sneaking around at open mic nights to practice it leading up the wedding.

Our friend, Michael, gave an incredible toast. People asked later, “Wow, who was that guy?” Certainly not the first time he’s held a microphone, folks.

We had a wonderful night and are so thankful to all who were able to share it with us.


We have a habit of constantly moving while on vacation. Go there, see that, taste this. For our honeymoon, however, we broke that cycle. We agreed to stay in one location, unlike our typical nomadic trip routine that involves lots of stops and hotels and missed flights and unromantic meals at airports.

We went to Ambergris Caye, located off the coast of Belize.


The island is so small that golf carts are the primary mode of transportation. Here’s Jeanette navigating ours.

It rained a lot. But the last 3 days were beautiful and we got to snorkel and walk on the beach and sunburn.

Even have rooftop sunset cocktails in 80-degree weather.

It was tough to leave Belize and our rigorous 4-drinks-a-day routine. But, as you might expect, our dog Annie was excited to see us. And we were happy to see her.

Jeanette & Andy